Today, 10/5/2015
High: 67 Low: 46
Isolated thunderstorms
22% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 10/6/2015
High: 74 Low: 43
Mostly cloudy
8% chance of precipitation.


   Inclement Weather Protocol                                                     

 The rationale that the superintendent uses for determining whether schools should close or start late for inclement weather is the following: 

The superintendent first checks with the Transportation to see if the bus drivers feel it is safe to drive in icy or snowy conditions.  

If the school facilities are warm and the plumbing is working then school is conducted at regular hours. Teachers will be at school at 7:30 AM and principals a little earlier. 

It is the parent’s decision to decide whether it is safe for their individual circumstances to allow their child to stand at a bus stop. Some are too young and some families cannot provide the cold weather clothing that is required. In those cases a parent should not put their child in danger.  The district does not count tardies or absences for PreK- 5th as unexcused when this happens but we do expect a call from the parent.

 If you are dropping your child off at school please do so safely and make sure your child is inside the building or in the presence of duty staff before leaving. 

The bottom line is that the superintendent decides whether school will open or not; and the parents decide (based on their individual circumstances) whether their child will come and at what time.  Most of my experience with schools has been with Northern Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota and this procedure works well.

 Late starts will be rare and will be announced via local media (KRTN, KCRT, KOAT TV, KOBT TV and KRQE). It is usually no warmer at 9:00 that it is at 7:00.  

The School Athletic Directors or the RMS/RHS principals will call KRTN when an athletic event is cancelled. You may also call either one of those schools. 

Again, when or if a child comes in is up to the parents. We are open for business for all families who can get their child to school at the regular time; which is most of the parents. Hope this helps.

 Warmly, M. Neil Terhune, Superintendent

Russell Marcy Academy and Raton High School Parents:
The Tiger Den Wellness Center provides free health services to adolescent students attending RMA and RHS.  Please encourage your children to take advantage of this service.
In order to access the Wellness Center, students must have a Parent Consent Form on file.
If you would like additional information, please contact Jackie Riley at 575-445-3541, ext. 1039.

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 19
Regular Board of Education Meeting @RHS Krivokapich Media Center
6:00 PM
Tuesday, November 3
Parent- Teacher Conferences
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday, November 5
Parent- Teacher Conferences
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Monday, November 16
Regular Board of Education Meeting @RHS Krivokapich Media Center
6:00 PM
Wed, Nov 25 - Fri, Nov 27

On May 18,2015 Board Secretary Kathy Honeyfield presented New Mexico School Board Association Student Achievement Award to RHS Senior Brianna Pais in honor of her  outstanding community service.

On this day

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American forces seize control of the Caribbean island of Grenada less than a week after a left-wing coup in which the prime minister, Maurice Bishop, was killed.

1964: President Kaunda takes power in Zambia - Read Full Article

Zambia is the ninth African state to gain independence from the British crown.


FREE Breakfast &  Lunch for all Students 2015-2016

District News

Parents may check their child’s grades and progress by getting online to the PowerSchool portal.
The web address is:
Contact your student’s school Administrator or Counselor for user name/password.
Thank you for working with us to help your child succeed!

Daily Announcements

Welcome back to our staff and children! Our teachers begin school on August 17th and grades Pre-K, 1st, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 will begin the 24th and all students on the 25th. A lot of hard summer work by our support staff, selected teachers and administrators went in to preparing our schools for our community. Please give them a big “thank you” when you see them.

Big Changes this year include:

1.      Re-configuration of the district from five buildings to three. They include grades Pre-K-2 at Longfellow, grades 3-6 at the Old RMS now the Russell Marcy Academy (RMA) and finally grades 7-12 at the RHS.

2.      The district did not renew its contract with Durham Bus Service but instead brought our bus transportation under the district. Welcome to all our transportation staff!

3.      In order to align our administrators with the re-configuration the district made some positive changes. Andy Ortiz will continue at Longfellow, Kim Sanchez will principal at Russell Marcy Academy, Kristie Medina will co-principal at RHS for grades 7-9 and Duncan Ware will co-principal at RHS for grades 10-12 and the Mesa Academy. They are experienced and qualified professionals with proven records of success. Get to know them.

4.      Officer Scott Vinson has assumed the duties of School Resource Officer (SRO). He is certified as an SRO and as a Police Officer. His primary responsibility will be at RHS but he will also serve Head Start, Longfellow and RMA.

Our Primary PLC focus last year was to unpack standards each Wednesday. It is critical that we focus our teaching on curriculum derived from NM Common Core standards. It will lead us to better scores on our state assessment and short cycle assessments. It will also directly impact teacher score at PED and ultimately our school grade.  On condition that that each school has unpacked ELA/Math/Science standards, each school will focus on the issues that will most dramatically affect student achievement (data interpretation, Instructional Strategies, Tech Infusion, standards-based grading etc.).   Our Vision and Mission states that we believe that this process will lead to students that are College/Career/Citizenship ready. There are dozens of very important issues we could address as PLCs but unpacking standards and establishing a guaranteed and viable curriculum must be clearly established.        

There is approximately 16 new staff. They come from all parts of the world as well as NM. Please make them welcome.


It has and will continue to take extra effort on our part to ready ourselves under the re-configuration. Thank you for this ahead of time. There will be few unidentified wrinkles as we go forward this year but they can and will be worked out. Continuing to be professional will be our best approach.   Have great year. J


Sincerely, Neil Terhune, Superintendent


WELCOME STUDENTS!!  Lists also available at your schools or the Administration Office.