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Educator for twenty years and a retired military officer. A superintendent for 12 years and a principal for five years. Originally from Farmington, NM.

SUMMER 2014 Update

Back to School Update
We are all excited to finally be in the month of August and prepping for the welcome of our students. This is my favorite time of the school year. There are a lot of challenges ahead but we work for and with the greatest people on earth. August 18-26 are scheduled for back to school staff preparation. The schedule is posted on this website. Here are a few items of information for this month.
Academic:  As you know School Building grades (A-F) are out. I have asked Kristi to do a short presentation on the PED grading rubric. She has spent quite a bit of time on this. RMS has submitted an appeal. September Kearny and RMS will report on SY2014-2015 interventions to address PED perceived academic shortfalls in those schools.
Personnel: We still need two more teachers at Columbian and one SPED teacher at Kearny.  Also the numbers for first grade will be similar to that of Kindergarten last year.
Get out the vote for our bond campaign: We are pleased to report that the NM Capital Outlay Council (PSCOC) awarded Raton Schools design money to go forward with the construction of a consolidated school.  This weeks Blue Ribbon Committee minutes and agenda were sent out by Karen Walton. Ben Gardner (architect) volunteered the printing of 1400 brochures. Kim Sanchez and I kicked off our radio messaging this week. She is a natural. Posters will be approved at next Mondays meeting. Brochures and FAQ sheet are complement and will complement the posters. We are asking for parent/teacher volunteers to ask businesses to allow the posters in windows. There is currently a phone campaign to our 390 non registered parents. Deadline to register is August 12, 2014. FAQs and Bond Brochure are posted on this website also. First National Bank volunteered their billboard over Labor Day. We offer our utmost thanks for that.
I am presenting on these issues three times next week at service clubs and then one more after that.
The question has been raised if the waiver for our school construction match amount has been approved. The answer is no at this point. We meet some of the criteria but not all. The PSCOC will not formally address this issue until design and cost has been determined. This makes sense because we are not absolutely sure whether the district will need a waiver until that has been confirmed. So the answer to anyone who asks is that we have applied and we wont know until then.
Maintenance: Stadium is coming along and Ben has done a great deal of work on this. I hope our community appreciates what he is doing over there. Frank has been given the go ahead to start on the locker rooms and demo has begun.  At some point the football team will paint the front. I am buying them Pizza. J
Custodial and Maintenance of all buildings are on track.