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Educator for twenty years and a retired military officer. A superintendent for 12 years and a principal for five years. Originally from Farmington, NM.

FALL 2014 Update

FALL 2014 Update
Election. On behalf of Raton School District and especially on behalf of our little ones, thanks to all of you for your magnificent effort and personal sacrifice in time, money and effort toward our bond election. Unfortunately the bond failed by123 votes. Today was our last meeting of our Blue Ribbon Committee for Better Schools for a little while.   We conducted an After Action Review. The board was represented by Mr. Armijo and Mr. Kamp. The election results were canvased last Friday.
Staff and Curriculum: September 5th was what we called a data day for our staff. The principals reviewed the PLC standards and each building began the process of how we will unpack NMCCSS. Again our goal this year is to have a "Guaranteed and Viable" curriculum. Our staff will need to focus on those areas that our students will be tested.
In accordance with the board's goal for the district to work more closely with the community I have been attending meetings with the Chamber and the Grow Raton Blue Ribbon Committee for Community Betterment. We are almost finished with the Economic Development Strategic Plan; page 4 of the plan outlines the Education Initiatives.  We now have a working draft of what our business leaders are looking for. The proposed Ed Advisory Council will actually be called the District PLC and will meet October 1st 3:30-5:00. I would like 1-2 board members to serve on it. It will meet twice a year.  

Students: Students have been very well behaved for not having Mr. Ware here the last several days. We wish him and his family well. Thank you Ms. Adams for stepping in and up.
Drug testing for students has been a 100% negative so far. The fiscal cost for this is $2-3 a test and worth every penny.  Drug testing for staff is ongoing. It has been difficult to get everyone to understand that the 9-10 requirements to be a licensed activity driver is required by law and by contracted as coach/advisor in our district is required by contract language.
Stadium locker rooms Phase 1 is complete. We came in 9K less than we thought. No ceiling and some brick walls. Ben has installed benches, hooks and chalk board. We may also add a ceiling on our own. It will be easier to heat if we do. Looking into signage and painting for that west side as well. Hope to have Tiger Stadium" on that wall. Football team morale is good despite the loss last week.

Homecoming Week- September 29-October 3d.

Board:  We are hosting the Regional Meeting on October 20th the week after our board meeting. We will offer Elementary and RHS music vocal entertainment and of course dinner from our culinary arts department. We are expecting our Young Marines to post colors.
We had our budget audit out brief today. Thanks for representing the board Mr. Kamp. We are not allowed to make the results public yet but no serious problems.